No pro here

As you can so far see, I’m not a professional with my picture taking. It is a fun challenge doing Project 365. I think its more of a challenge to do this blog. I knew I should have stuck with it right away. I need to get going on a Shutterfly photobook so I don’t have 365 pictures at the end of the year wondering where they go.
I’ll get there.


Day 2

I got a new coat from family out in CA. So I tried it on but I had to give it the whole Fargo look with my bomber hat, cropped gym pants and calf-high slippers. Can we say NERD! I like to laugh at myself. I wear this coat a lot without the short pants and slippers, of course!

For whatever reason my pictures aren’t uploading. This is going to take forever. Ugh!

I’m slacking

I am way behind on posting to my blog. I’m already on day 27 and I have only uploaded one photo.

Time for me to get in gear.

Day 1

I decided to start my 365 day project on December 26th. That way I could get right into it.
This is just a simple box of delicious chocolates from a company in my home-town. I got this from my parents for Christmas and to this day, I haven’t opened it yet!

Joey’s 365 Project

Welcome to my blog

Hello my name is Joey and I’m starting up a brand new blog. Still working on figuring this out.

I wanted to find a blog as my other one wasn’t working in the way I wanted to display photos and to allow me more space for journaling. I want this blog to be organized and neat. Bear with me as I work on this.

I hope to add my 365 Project I started December 26th. My first one and I’m excited and hope I can keep up with it. I was inspired to do this after my Shutterfly friend Lisa completed one from last year. I did a Project 52. She’s on a roll with her project, doing both an iPhone 365 project and one with her Camera (Diego)!

So stick with me as I start a new adventure in blogging about my 365 Project. Here I come ready or not.